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Welcome to the Scottish edition of The Web Paper!

This paper will be created by you, eight graders at Kungsvägens skola!

Choose a topic that you want to know more about. Research the Internet. Study your material carefully. Choose facts that you think are important. Write your own text about the topic. Remember that other students will read your material - try to make it both interesting and easy to read!

Anne Klockars
Editor in Chief



I am a tourist in Scotland - where should I go?
In this section research on Edinburgh will be presented.
Tell your readers about traditional Scottish dishes!
The geography of Scotland in a nut shell... Tell us!
The Scots celebrate some events differently from the way we do it in Finland. Some holidays we don't even have in Finland.
In Scotland, English isn't the only language spoken. Learn more about the language issue right here!
Do you know anything about the famous Scottish actors?
What sports are popular in Scotland?