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Saving Energy for a common Future

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Material from Leppävirran lukio

Comenius Project of Saving Energy for a common Future

13th – 17th Nov 2007 Teachers Meeting in Riga
From Leppävirta Leena and Reima took part in Riga Meeting. IN Meeting we decided that Reima will be responsible of the virtual environment.

Winter 2007-2008 - Working at school: 18 students
Studing about Energy production and consumption in Finland and consumption of Energy in other European countries:

Students were working in five groups. Each group was studying their own subject:
1. Consumption of Energy in Finland
2. Production of Energy in Finland
3. From which countries we import Energy
4. Consumption of Energy in Europe
5. Changes in consumption of Energy: past, now and future

Results of these studies were collected and using these results students made their presentation for Leppävirta meeting.

File [Esitys1.ppt]

Groups were also discussing and studying about saving energy in our every day living – at home and at school.

For example couple of students were examining electric doors at our school. Every time the door is opened it will be open quite a long time. So temperature inside will decrease but how much? Normal door without electric mechanism will be opened shorter time.


In these measurements door was opened three times. First measurement is done using electric mechanism and second one is done without any electric help. Temperature outside was -5 °C.


16th – 21th April 2008 Meeting in Leppävirta
From Leppävirta 17 students
Visitors: 11 teachers and 19 students
Lykeio Agiou Nikolaou, Cyprus: 4 + 7
Lykeio Apostolon Petrou Kai Pavlou, Cyprus: 2 + 4
K. Videnieka Rigas 77. Vidusskola, Latvia: 3 + 4
Växjö Katedralskola, Sweden: 2 + 4

On wednesday we visited Nuclear Power station in Loviisa.
On thursday students were learning how to use WebMagazine.
On friday every school had their presentations and in the afternoon we visited skiing arena.


In Leppävirta Meeting we decided to have four groups in WebMagazine so that in every group would be students from each school.

Group subjects:
1. Designing and Energy efficient house
2. Transportation
3. Transportation
4. Renewable sources of Energy

Afterwards we made an article of Leppävirta meeting in our local newspaper.

Autumn 2008 - Working at school: 17 students
Our students wrote introduction of their own group and some ideas about their group subjects to WebMagazine.

3th – 9th Nov 2008 Meeting in Växjö
From Leppävirta Leena and Reima and 4 students took part in Växjö Meeting.


Winter 2008-2009: Working at school: 17 students
Starting work using WebMagazine, every group from Finland wrote some ideas about their subjects to WebMagazine.

30th Mar – 3th Apr 2009 Meeting in Limassol
From Leppävirta Leena and Reima and 6 students took part in Limassol Meeting.


On April 2009 students and teachers wrote several articles of this Comenius Project to our local newspaper. Articles were published on May 2009.

On April 2009 teachers made presentation of this Project to schools own webpage.

On May 2009 Reima builded this webpage using material from partner school of this Project.

On last week of May students and teachers made an presentation about this Project in our shcool.


Articles written by student groups
Nice memories from our Comenius meeting in Sweden