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Saving Energy for a common Future

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Comenius Project of Saving Energy for a common Future

Project Meetings:
* Teachers Meeting in Riga 13th – 17th Nov 2007
* Meeting in Leppävirta 16th – 21th Apr 2008
* Meeting in Växjö 3th – 9th Nov 2008
* Meeting in Limassol 30th Mar – 3th Apr 2009

The accumulation of pollutants like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous gases and other Greenhouse gases have reached crisis proportions in the atmosphere - portions that will affect our common life in the future.

With these facts in mind we created in 2007 a partnership consisting of five upper secondary schools:
* Lykeio Agiou Nikolaou (Limassol, Cyprus)
* Lykeio Apostolon Petrou kai Pavlou (Limassol, Cyprus)
* Leppävirran lukio (Leppävirta, Finland)
* K.Videnieka Rigas 77 Viduskola (Riga, Latvia)
* Växjö Katedralskola (Växjö, Sweden)

The idea was to find out if and how we could save energy in our different countries and in the long run lower the emissions of Greenhouse gases.



Project teams were formed in each participating school and a number of activities were set up, like:

* Attending seminars about energy
* Studying energy sources
* Visiting local power stations
* Learning about the social and environmental impact of using different energy sources
* Doing a survey of ways of saving energy
* Creating models for saving energy
* Putting up displays in our schools
* Creating new teaching materials


Teachers and students also enjoyed themselves in intercultural dialogue activities by being hosted in the four countries and familiarizing themselves with history and social, economic, educational and political issues of each country. Local authorities and parents´ associations were also involved, contributing to the success of the partnership.