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TET-tori - english demo

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Welcome to TET-tori demopage

The objective of the TET-tori project (Practical Professional Orientation for 13 - 16 year olds) is to improve pupils' knowledge about professions and working life. During the PPO periods (stipulated in the general curriculum of the Finnish compulsory school for 7-16 year olds) pupils go out into working life for a short period of time, which gives them the opportunity to gain the kind of experiences that can help them choose their future education and profession better.

To reach these goals, close cooperation between business, employers and schools is necessary. The TET-tori website is set up to provide information for employers as well as to provide information about the employers to the future employees in the region.

On the TET-tori website students can find information about jobs and education in the region as well as practical advice on the PPO periods. The website also facilitates the work of teachers and study advisors, since the forms and sheets needed in the process can be downloaded from the website and the information of the site can be used in counseling. For local employers the site is handy for advertising suitable jobs for PPO apprentices and for learning about how the PPOs should be arranged in practice.

If you are interested to know more about TET-tori or to get a more comprehensive demo of it, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Jaana Kettunen.

About the period of work experience

A period of work experience is part of the Finnish comprehensive school curriculum. The aim is that the pupil must be able to gain personal experiences of working life and vocations in genuine work environments which school is not most of the times.

A period of work experience is central part of cooperation between the local labour market and business community and comprehensive school. The period provides basic information about working life and different vocational fields for pupils.

While being introduced to working life pupils are not workers, however, they are still observing working life in company they have chosen themselves. Periods of work experience are to be organized for the pupils as a basis for their educational and occupational choices, and to enhance their respect for work.

Pupils can do small tasks while they are in the field, but their working hours are only 6 hours per day. In addition to the introduction to working life, the pupils are given a chance to evaluate the information and the experience they have acquired.

Employer -Provide a Practical Professional Orientation place for a young student




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