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BBC News - World

Turkey observes a national day of mourning as the death toll in a suicide gun and bomb attack on Istanbul's Ataturk airport rises to 41, including 13 foreign nationals.
There can be no pick and choose in the single market, EU leaders meeting in Brussels say, after discussing the UK vote to leave.
Police investigate claims by two climbers who say they are India's first couple to scale Mount Everest, after doubt is cast on photos of the ascent.
Vladimir Putin pushes for ties with Turkey to be restored, months after a Russian military jet was shot down by Turkey
Two whistleblowers in "Luxleaks" tax scandal get suspended jail terms as journalist on trial is acquitted
Republican Donald Trump repeats calls for the return of waterboarding against Islamic State militants, hours after a terror attack in Istanbul.
US-backed Syrian rebels say they are closing in on Albu Kamal, a town on the border with Iraq held by so-called Islamic State.
The escape tunnel used by Jewish "Burning Brigade" prisoners in WW2 is uncovered in Lithuania's Ponar forest.
The world's largest uncut diamond is expected to be sold for more than £52m in an unprecedented auction in London.
A judge in Mexico temporarily halts the extradition of the country's most notorious drugs lord, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, to the US.
South Korea, the US and Japan conduct their first joint missile-tracking drill off Hawaii, a week after North Korea's mid-range missile test.
Pioneering rock guitarist Scotty Moore, who was a member of Elvis Presley's original band dies, aged 84.
Turkish investigators are examining video footage after three suicide bombers attacked Istanbul's main airport, killing at least 41 people.
Reporter Hugh Sykes describes the scene as he walks through Istanbul airport following a gun and bomb attack.
A passenger at Istanbul's Ataturk airport during yesterday attack has described the "chaos" when the shooting and explosions began.
Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoken to young people about Brexit and vote differences between old and young people
Human disturbances are making the Amazon rainforest 'more flammable' say researchers.
A robot salamander that mimics the movement of the real thing is developed in Switzerland.
Jean-Claude Juncker has told the BBC that the UK has to face the consequences of leaving the EU.
A cartoon depiction of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears on the cover of a new Marvel comic book coming out in August.
A Canadian mum has gained internet fame for taking time out of her own wedding to breastfeed her nine-month-old daughter
Maureen and Roger have waited 11 years to visit the place where their son Matthew died in Iraq, to lay a small cross there and to try to understand why he died.
Why is Hillary Clinton so often associated with the word "bitch" - and how offensive is it?
Italian restoration workers at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem have uncovered a mosaic of an angel that was previously hidden beneath plaster.
How Myanmar's National Symphony Orchestra, once barely allowed to perform, is trying to win the hearts of its one-time military masters.
Paul Srivorakul started his business in the middle of a coup and it thrived, but what's the best way for firms to cope with uncertainty?
Indian writer and photographer Sooni Taraporevala relates the story of a much-feted 31-year-old picture of a family in the city of Mumbai.