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BBC News - World

A Senegalese court jails Chad ex-leader Hissene Habre for life for crimes against humanity, in the first African Union-backed trial of a former ruler.
The Iraqi army says it has begun an operation to storm Falluja, a stronghold of so-called Islamic State (IS), with reports of fierce clashes.
International football player Alan Pulido has been rescued in north-east Mexico hours after his kidnapping, officials say.
The Ukrainian military loses five soldiers in fighting with rebels near Donetsk - the second-highest death toll in one day this year.
Search teams resume their hunt for a seven-year-old Japanese boy whose parents said they left him alone in woods in Hokkaido as a punishment.
A woman is feared dead after a crocodile attack in Australia's Daintree National Park.
Hong Kong activist Ken Tsang is sentenced to five weeks in prison for assault and resisting arrest during pro-democracy protests in 2014.
Four people have died in floods in southwestern Germany after torrential rain overnight.
Japan says a newly released photograph purporting to show a journalist who is being held hostage in Syria appealing for help is genuine.
Two students are electrocuted and at least 30 others injured when a live wire falls on their school bus in southern India's Tamil Nadu state.
A military court in Somalia sentences two men to life in prison for masterminding a bomb attack on a Daallo Airlines passenger plane in February.
An ambitious project to reconstruct the historic Darul Aman palace, reduced to ruins in the Afghan civil war, has begun in the capital, Kabul.
A popular Indian comedian may face charges after making a video that pokes fun at cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and Bollywood singer Lata Mangeshkar.
A huge mural honouring British rock star David Bowie now adorns a building in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo.
The search for a missing boy who was left in remote woods in Japan as a punishment, continues.
The verdict will be given on Monday in the trial of Chad's former dictator, Hissene Habre.
Hundreds of thousands of bikers descend on Washington DC to commemorate America's war dead and veterans.
Around 35% of corals in parts of Australia's Great Barrier Reef have been destroyed by bleaching, Australian scientists say.
New data suggests more than half of us only go for a walk at work when we need the toilet.
Coconut picking has been traditionally a man's job in India but women are now filling the gap.
The Iraqi army says it has begun an operation to storm Falluja, a bastion of so-called Islamic State (IS).
The Shanghai government thinks the tradition of caring for your elderly is fading in China and so the worst offenders could have their credit scores downgraded.
Iraqi Kurds' extraordinary exodus, 25 years on
Niger battles multiple terror threats
Switzerland's forgotten role in saving WW1 lives
Artists highlight pollution in Manila's rivers
The teenager who smuggled PCs through the Iron Curtain
US female WW2 fighter pilots earn right to be buried with other veterans