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BBC News - World

At least 10 people are killed and more than 100 injured as two passenger trains collide in the German state of Bavaria.
North Korea could soon have enough plutonium to build nuclear weapons after restarting one of its reactors, a US spy chief says.
People in New Hampshire begin voting for Democrats and Republicans seeking their party nomination in the first primary of the US presidential race.
Up to 300,000 people could be cut off from food supplies if Syrian government forces encircle rebel-held parts of the northern city of Aleppo, the UN says.
US President Barack Obama signs into law an initiative aimed at bringing electricity to 50 million people in sub-Saharan Africa by 2020.
Two umpires are banned by the International Tennis Federation and four more are being investigated over allegations of fixing.
Police in India's northern Haryana state will use slingshots to control violent protesters, a senior officer says.
Fourteen Polish far-right activists are arrested in Sweden accused of planning to attack asylum seekers with axes and knives, police say.
South Africa's president makes a U-turn in court over his refusal to repay millions of dollars in public funds used to upgrade his rural home.
A second report into the disappearance of 43 Mexican students says there is no evidence to support the official version of what happened to them.
The chief executive of Google, Sundar Pichai, has been awarded $199m (£138m) in shares, a regulatory filing reveals.
A man in Florida is facing charges of aggravated assault after allegedly throwing an alligator into a fast-food restaurant.
Objections from some councillors fail to scupper plans for a beer fountain in Slovenian town.
Exposure to short flashes of light at night could help travellers adjust to new time zones and avoid jet lag, according to scientists.
The elderly couple who will not leave the town of Peski on Ukraine's frontline despite shelling damaging their house.
At India's "dead" car auctions, you can buy a car for a fraction of its market price. But there's a catch - the cars have all been damaged by flooding.
Monday 8 February 2016 marks the start of the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese calendar.
Behind the scenes of an air strike, aboard the French aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle, in the Gulf.
Search teams in Taiwan have rescued a man and a woman from a collapsed apartment block more than two days after it was brought down by an earthquake.
A frozen lake being used as a car park at the annual Winter Fest event in Wisconsin, US, melts leaving vehicles submerged in the water.
One Chinese artist has found a novel way to help his parents get up to speed with apps and help them stay in touch.
A double-decker bus explodes on a central London bridge as part of a stunt for an upcoming movie.
Are Trump and his rivals a big joke, asks PJ O'Rourke
App helps Iranian youth to evade fashion police
History, food, identity or perhaps bureaucracy?
Will 2016 be a turning point for free speech in India?
Caves reveal a desert's rainforest past
Nigerians stand up to their president