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17th April: chapter 1: rest of the words AND the synonyms. Poissaolijoille tiedoksi: kävimme läpi isojen alkukirjaimien käytön säännöt s. 152 ja teimme tehtävän s. 153.
16th April: words Dutch - on a daily basis page 191, lines 31 - 67.
14th April: K1 s. 140.
11th April: wordtest on text 1 words desperately - words to that effect AND the synonyms.
10th April: exercises 1G and 1 H pages 18-19.
9th April: read text 1 AND do exercise 1C.




the exam area


For the absentees/ poissaolleille



This course is all about culture!

Express yourself, read and write about literature (from Shakespearean to modern), act and draw!

You are to create a portfolio, which includes your written works of art plus your learning diary.
The deadline of the portfolio is the day before the exam week.

Create the required assignments and add them into your own portfolio. You will be given some evaluation and, naturally, your grade.

There will also be an exam about the grammar points during the exam week. The grammar points are not many:

- nationality words p. 138 - 141

- revising the tenses p. 143 - 146

- punctuation, : ! p. 147 - 151

- Capital Initials p. 152 - 153

- shortened sentences p. 154 - 159

evaluation: portfolio + wordtests 50 %
course exam+ listening comprehension 50%