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Ministers must put education policy at the centre of the drive to deliver social mobility, the Social Mobility Commission chairman has said.
Student tuition fees in Northern Ireland could rise to £6,300 a year, Queen's University in Belfast says.
Thousands of lone migrant children are living in squalid conditions after being let down by European countries including the UK, a Lords committee says.
Female graduates are less likely to aim for top jobs but are more likely to land them if they apply, research suggests.
Girls' career confidence plummets as they near the world of work, suggests research by Girlguiding.
Some parents will skip a meal to feed their children this summer because of worries over paying for childcare and food during the school break, a charity says.
Children at a school for the deaf were mishandled by staff and allowed to misbehave and engage in sexual activity, a whistleblower says.
Universities must "deal fairly with students", says the competition watchdog.
A study says bursts of intense exercise during the school day improves pupils' focus and concentration in class.
A flagship academy trust had "special" treatment when a watchdog delayed a critical report, the BBC learns.
The 100 things children think they should do before they leave primary school are revealed by the Times Educational Supplement.
University tuition fees in England will rise to £9,250 and the increase applies to students who have already started courses.
Implementation of a national funding formula for schools will be delayed by a year, Education Secretary Justine Greening says.
A survey suggests the younger children decide on going to university the more likely they are to attend a selective one.
Universities in England are already announcing tuition fees of £9,250, before Parliament has even finished debating plans to allow them to raise fees.
The NSPCC is urging parents to think carefully before leaving children home alone over the summer holidays.
Boys are nearly twice as likely as girls to have fallen behind by the time they start school, a report says.
The government is to provide funding to encourage a high-performing method of teaching maths in English primary schools.
A lower cost base and partnerships with western universities is helping South Africa to develop online courses for students around the world.
An online university is offering 500 refugees from Syria's civil war free places on its degree courses.
Leading universities will offer fully accredited undergraduate courses online within five years, says the founder of a leading US online university network.
As results of national primary school tests in England are published, we ask what is new and different about this year's Sats.
Tim Whewell visits the special schools springing up in Turkey to help the refugee children of Syria's "lost generation".