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Official data shows more children are being suspended from primary schools in England.
One out of every five elderly people in the UK who feel lonely say they have no-one to turn to, a survey indicates.
Poorer students in England may be put off university by funding changes that could leave them with higher debts than middle-class graduates, a report says.
A campaign promotes the idea that children should be able to delete their online past.
Students at the Open University will have their working patterns monitored to see if they need extra support during their course.
Local councils are being scored annually on how well they reduce the number of young people not in education, employment or training.
Middle-class children benefit from a "glass floor" protecting them from slipping down the social scale in Britain, a study of 17,000 people concludes.
A report suggests many academy chains are struggling to improve the results of poor pupils despite several years in charge of schools.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is at the top of a teachers' list of books "all children should read before leaving primary school".
Universities in England are urged to work together to ensure young people from less advantaged homes succeed in their degree studies.
More pupils in England aged between 11 and 15 have tried electronic cigarettes than have smoked a cigarette, according to official figures.
The number of pupils who will be attending England's secondary schools over the course of the next decade is set to rise by 20%, government figures show.
Institute for Fiscal Studies analysis of changes to student finance forecasts higher debts for poorer student, but savings for the government.
The police force at the centre of the Rotherham abuse scandal still needs to make "major improvements" to some child protection procedures, a report finds.
Silicon Valley's Stanford University to start teaching in London
Emergency plan to help teach Syria's refugees
A university in Nigeria is trying to help a rising tide of people displaced by Boko Haram violence.
Pupils preparing for exams are abducted, as South Sudan tries to re-open schools
Can Lithuania reverse loss of young and talented?
Seven big myths about why some countries are good at education
A new university in Paris wants to create a "knowledge hub" competing with Silicon Valley.
Universities examine whether time travel is really possible
No students are signed up for University of South Wales courses in London, a year after they are launched with a budget of £750,000.
Former Swansea City footballer Guillermo Bauza gains a first class honours university degree in medical genetics.
Poorer students in England may be put off university by funding changes that could leave them with higher debts than middle-class graduates helped by their parents, a report says.
Maud, 90, speaks to the BBC about her feelings of isolation.
A pilot project for women in Bury is tackling participation in sport, which is now lower across the UK than before the London Olympics.
Robert Pigott reports on a study which shows middle-class families are stopping less well-off children from getting the better-paid jobs.
Reaching those others cannot teach
How do you make schools integrate?
One child's verdict on teachers' must reads
Why Russian students are targets for Islamic State
What does it mean for the city where it was discovered?
The scholarship that brought Obama's father to the US