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New figures show 150 children's centres closed in England last year.
Parents are being warned against buying pink, gender-stereotyped toys this Christmas for girls.
A student, expelled from university for taking part in anti-apartheid demonstrations in 1970, is finally awarded an honorary degree.
Heathrow plans to extend the London living wage to airport staff hired through agencies. But campaigners say they want more urgency in implementing this.
French far-right leader Marine Le Pen calls for an end to free education for illegal immigrants.
Keeping a diary helps boost children's writing skills, according to research from the National Literacy Trust.
Only 16% of university applicants achieve the grades their teachers predict, research suggests.
A shake-up of the exams system makes it important to carefully consider A-level choices, universities say.
A flu outbreak closes a school for five days after almost a third of pupils and members of staff were struck by the virus.
Poverty among people who are working has risen despite a recovery in the UK economy, a study suggests.
The UK is still lagging behind at education, with little progress in international rankings.
David Beckham's tattoos take on a life of their own in a Unicef film highlighting abuse against children.
Parents in the north should learn from pushy southern counterparts, says England's children's tsar.
Segregation is at "worrying levels" in parts of Britain with some women denied basic rights, a report says.
Almost 1,500 secondary pupils across Aberdeen have been given anti-weapons lessons in the wake of the killing of schoolboy Bailey Gwynne.
A new law making it illegal to smoke in a car with anyone under the age of 18 come into force in Scotland.
A scheme to recruit top teachers to work in deprived areas has been dropped, the government confirms.
The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results are due to be published. Branwen Jeffreys explains what they are.
An 18-year-old who has lived in the UK since she was four says she's been denied a chance to attend university.
Why do so many artificially intelligent chatbots have female names and avatars?
A dad's desperate search to replace his autistic son's beloved "little blue cup" ends in "surprising" success.
Why do Asian countries do so well in global education rankings? The OECD's education director says it reflects a belief that all pupils can succeed.
The university lecture has survived, despite claims that technology would make it redundant.
A project in a rural village in India finds out what happens if children are able to teach themselves using a tablet computer without any adult instructions.
A new gift-giving tradition has crept into UK homes, but what do you put in a Christmas Eve box?
When Corinne Maier spoke to the BBC attacking baby mania, her honest account of parenting struck a chord around the world.
New rules on car seats are being brought in but what are they and will parents need to buy replacements?
Chief inspector of schools Sir Michael Wilshaw says children in the northern England are missing out.
As global student loan debt reaches crisis levels, can tech start-ups help cut costs?
A programme teaching primary school children about mental health through fun games is being rolled out in south London.
A school's decision to charge for tickets for the nativity play has sparked fury among some parents. But are these charges a sign of the times or a step too far?
Are detentions, an enduring fixture of school life, a nightmare for everyone or a handy tool for improving behaviour?
If you're aged 16 to 19 and can answer these questions, you could be heading to Bletchley Park.
A new photography book documents the homeschooling community in Woodstock, New York, where nature is a priority.
Melania and Barron Trump won't move to Washington with Donald yet - is that unusual?
Two years after starting a pupil-led approach to resolving problems in and out of the classroom, a number of schools in Wales say they have seen improvements in behaviour and attendance.
Hundreds of thousands of families will be struggling with university application forms. But does it matter where you end up studying?
Hi-tech toys are likely to be big sellers this Christmas, but can they be fun and educational?
The government says Britain has a "social mobility problem" - but not everyone agrees. BBC News spoke to three young people with different views.
The Imperial War Museum has been given hundreds of previously unseen soldiers' accounts of fighting in the Battle of the Somme.