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Developing "religious literacy" in schools will make young people less vulnerable to radicalisation, a leading teacher is to say.
Final year economics students at Sheffield University are furious after an exam this week contained "impossible" questions.
MPs say problems in some more autonomous schools have been picked up too late because of lack of oversight by the government.
A teenager who shaved his head to raise money for a cancer charity is put into isolation for breaking school rules.
University applications have reached record levels, according to the Ucas admissions service.
Government school league tables are branded a "nonsense", after numerous changes to the way grades are recognised left more schools failing.
Tackling the threat of extremism in England's schools is to be made a higher priority, says Education Secretary Nicky Morgan.
A Dublin school has postponed anti-homophobic bullying workshops following complaints by parents.
Parents can find out how their children's schools are performing with results of a new colour-coded ratings system being revealed.
Schools at the centre of the Trojan Horse allegations in Birmingham are struggling to recruit staff, the Chief Inspector of Schools has told MPs.
Hundreds of schools and colleges in England do not send any students on to the UK's top universities, data shows.
There is no evidence that three Norfolk academies had unfair advance notice of Ofsted inspections, an independent review has concluded.
There is no clear evidence to show that "academies raise standards overall", says a report from the Education Select Committee into England's school system.
Leading firms will offer school-leavers more opportunities as the graduate jobs market picks up, a survey suggests.
The University of Bristol is inviting applicants for the brand new post of 'associate dean of eureka moments'.
Taxpayers financing £675m in loans to students at private colleges, new figures reveal
The standards of primary schools inspected in Wales declined in 2014 compared to previous years, according to education watchdog Estyn.
A new university in Paris wants to create a "knowledge hub" competing with Silicon Valley.
The university built to fight for democracy
The royal power behind Qatar's obsession with education
Can US colleges show their courses are value for money?
Where do the super-rich go to university?
An activist group in the US is buying and then cancelling student debt
Every school system should be required to teach respect for other religions, says Tony Blair
Google has revealed the most popular searches when people around the world are looking for university information.
A new initiative is encouraging school-leavers in Aberdeenshire to consider taking up jobs in the fishing industry.
Nursing tutors at the University of Surrey are planning to make themselves unrecognisable in a bid to boost students' bedside skills.
Labour leader Ed Miliband favours cutting the maximum university fees for students from £9,000 to £6,000, the BBC understands.
Ofsted says it has found no evidence its inspectors acted inappropriately during visits to two free schools which were subsequently placed in special measures.
A new "cutting-edge" £8m microscopic imaging facility is opened at Dundee University with the goal of advancing research.
The behaviour of boys from poor families is worse when they grow up alongside wealthier neighbours, suggests research.
Families with young children and poorer households have been worst affected by government changes to tax and benefits, according to a new report.
Over a third of children in care who have siblings are having to live apart from any of them, suggests research by a children's charity.
Petchey Academy pupils and the school's principal explain how they think the school has changed since becoming an academy.
The English Spelling Society is drawing up a list of proposals to make it easier for children to learn to spell, including removing silent letters.
Ninety-year-old Kenyan student Priscilla Sitienei says she wants to inspire children, especially girls, to get an education.
There is no evidence to prove the government's flagship academies programme has raised standards for all schoolchildren, according to a cross-party group of MPs.
Apps that allow parents to 'spy' on their kids
How one head turned a school's performance around
Holocaust survivors hand on their stories to school pupils
Can this man stop young people becoming radicals?
The man teaching 26 million students to code