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Vocational Qualification in Household and Cleaning Services (120 credits)

Housekeeper (Kodinhuoltaja) or Facility caretaker (Toimitilahuoltaja)
• Housekeeper’s and facility caretaker’s duties include cleaning, cooking, taking care of textiles and assisting customers in their daily activities.
• A housekeeper can also run different errands and organize stimulating activities for the customers.
• A facility caretaker can also work with meal and meeting services.
• Both housekeepers and facility caretakers can work in assisted living facilities, day care centers, retirement homes, household and cleaning service companies, hotels, offices, health care centers, swimming halls and different industrial sites.


Vocational Qualification in Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services (120 credits)

Cook (Kokki)

• A cook prepares food in different restaurants or public sites.
• A cook can prepare both individual meals and meals for even thousands of people at once.
• Cooks can work in cafés, staff cafeterias, restaurants, catering companies, institutional kitchens, and in cargo and passenger ships.