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Vitikkalan koulu


Comenius projektit

Comenius 1 (1998 - 2000)
Realtime cooperation between European schools
- Tanska
- Belgia
- Portugali
- Espanja

Comenius 2.1 (2001 - 2004)
IPM tools: Finding Innovative Pedagogical Methods to integrate web tools into learning and teaching

Comenius 3 (2001 - 2004)
Comp@ct: Comenius projects and communication technology

Comenius 1.3 (2003 - 2006)
DeL: Developing the best eLearning practices for schools
- Istituto comprensivo G. Lucatelli, Tolentino, Italia
- C.E.I.P La Cañada, Madrid, Espanja
- Gargzdu Vaivorykstes gimnazija, Klaipeda, Liettua
- Srednja ekonomiska sola Maribor, Slovenia
- Übungshauptschule der Pädagogischen Akademie der Diözese Linz, Itävalta (2003/2004)



Afrikka projektit

Etelä-afrikka 2003 - 2004
Namibia 2004 -->

Networking African and Finnish Schools

The first phase of "Networking African and Finnish Schools" was the cooperation between Finnish and South African schools during 2003. Schools from Namibia will join NetAFI in June 2004 by participating the teacher training in Swakopmund. Cooperation between schools will continue in autumn 2004. Schools will set up collaborative online projects and exchange their experiences concerning the integration of ICT to curriculum in different subjects.

NetAFI is a project to develop new ways of cooperation between the schools of Finland and African countries. The role of information and communication technology is essential in project. Schools will use a new publishing and communication tool "eJournal" as their main project platform. Project aims at developing eLearning contents and educational applications.

Objectives of Networking Namibian and Finnish Schools

In the second phase project will take place in 5-7 schools in Finland and Namibia in an interactive manner with the following objectives:

-Teachers and students learn to use web-based technology in distance learning and become aware of various different solutions in using Internet in teaching and learning.
- Train teachers, students and administrators in each country to use web based pedagogy in distance learning.
- Develop common learning contents from themes agreed by all participants.
- Give opportunities to all participants compare different perspectives to the same contents and enable their technological ability to collaboration.
Give new, innovative possibilities to cooperate between schools.

In the beginning of April 2003 there was a group of students and teachers from Finnish schools visiting the South African partner schools.

The return visit will take place during 2004.