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English: ENA2


ENA2 2013

Welcome to your second English course at TES. In this course we will read A Man for All Seasons. We will also advance in grammar and vocabulary and begin writing exercises. You are expected to do the reading and exercises on time and be prepared for each class.

We will use Vocabulary Level D
Grammar p. 17-53

Reading Schedule of A Man for All Seasons

Deadlines Pages
Thursday 10.10 p. 13
Thursday 24.10 p. 38
Thursday 31.10 p. 66
Thursday 7.11 to the end of the book

HANDOUTS: Please return by the following dates

Handout #1: 24.10
Handout #2: 30.10
Handout #3 4.11
Handout #4: 6.11
Handout #5: 13.11

A Man for All Seasons Handouts

Until end of Act 1
up to page 69
Last questions

Grade for E2

Your grade for E2 is based on the following:

Participation in class (exercises, discussions) and reading assignments (handouts) 15%
written work 35 % (descriptive person: 5%, place: 5%, narrative: 10%, screne analysis: 15%)
vocabulary quizzes 20%
Final exam 30%



2.10 Wed double: Course outline, introducing course and A Man For All Seasons + King Henry briefly. Introducing Descriptive writing and doing some descriptive writing assignments. (Describe in detail a food you ate, describe a celebrity) - going through texts.

3.10 Thurs double: Explaining what is important in descriptive writing. Clarifying adjectives, adverbs, similes and metaphors and their relevance. Doing descriptive writing assignments by giving students both visual (only) stimuli and sound (only) stimuli.

7.10 Mon single: Basic Grammar p.17-27 (simple vs continuos tenses) , Reading List for A Man For All Seasons, intro to the play: who is Henry VIII, the dispensations
9.10 Wed double Quiz Unit 6
Give handout on descriptive writing, go over Edgar Allen Poe's description of R. Usher. Start description of a person you know in a nostalgic mood.
10.10 Thurs double:
Hand in the descriptive paragraph on the person. Work on the play
AMFS have read up to page 30
Fall Holiday
21.10 Mon single: NO CLASS Because there is exam feedback day.
23.10 Wed double: Quiz Unit 7 and Grammar p. 28-36 conditional
Hand out place description. Hand back descriptions. Introduce narrative

24.10 Thurs double AMFS have read up to page 38 (hand in first handout today)
Watch first ten minutes of film (13.15)

28.10 Mon single: Quiz Unit 8 Grammar p. 28-36 conditional

30.10 Wed double Hand in second handout. Read up to p 66 Handout third handout
Discuss Roper in the beginning; Rich- go over the corruption scene, the goblet; studying characters. Get an adjective for characters and look for examples in the text. Watch up to 28:20 when More becomes Lord Chancellor after Wolsey dies.

31.10 Thurs double Writing Workshop. Handout fourth handout.

4.11 Mon single: Quiz Unit 9 Hand in third handout. NARRATIVE IS DUE - FIRST DRAFT
Go over tenses: past perfect, present perfect, etc and subjunctive. Do pages 37-43 for homework. Do some of ex 26 p. 38 together

6.11 Wed double Handin fourth handout. Handout 5th handout
Stop film at 40:30 right after More and Henry talk at More's house.
Work on Scene analysis assignment. Come up with a thesis. Discuss structure of essays

7.11 Thurs double AMFS have finished the play
Go over the outline and thesis statements. Work on unfinished writing.
Give conjunction handout (Prentice Hall p 17, 18) and words as different parts of speech (p. 21, 22) Go over conjunctions: coordinating, correlative, subordinating and conjunctive adverbs)

11.11 Mon single Quiz Unit 10, Grammar p. 40 ex 27, p. 45 ex 33, p. 46 ex 13, p. 48 ex 35, p. 53 ex 14

13.11 Wed double Hand in 5th handout Hand in scene analysis essay, hand in second drafts. Go over Prison scenes and end of play. Watch up until minute 1:02 Discuss and act out until p . 88

14.11 Thurs double. Last writings. Finish the play. Hand out 5th handout. Watch until trial in which Cromwell talks about silence. Read until p 96. Do conjunction handout Prentice Hall.

18.11 Mon single: last class. Hand in all final papers (especially the well written one with the image). Watch the end and discuss the important scenes. Review for exam.
Exam week begins 20.11



Writing paragraphs