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English 2: Drama


ENA2A 2015

Welcome to your second English course at TES. In this course we will read Antony and Cleopatra. We will also advance in grammar and vocabulary and begin writing exercises. You are expected to do the reading and exercises on time and be prepared for each class.

We will use Vocabulary Level D, Units 6-10

Grammar p.36-58

Literature in English (buy from teacher for 31 euros)

Grade for E2

Your grade for E2 is based on the following:

reading assignments (google classroom) 40%
vocabulary quizzes 20%
Final exam 40%


Reading Schedule for Antony and Cleopatra

Wednesday, Oct 7: Act 1
Wednesday, Oct 21: Act 2
Wednesday, Oct 28: Act 3
Wednesday, Nov. 4, Act 4
Wednesday, Nov. 11, Act 5


ENA2A 2015 Schedule

Wed. 30.9 Introduction to the period, the play, the geographical background, the language. Read the first page. Look at the play's for 5 min on Youtube
Mon. 5.10 : go over the development of English from Old English to Shakespeare's time. Read Literature in English chapters 12 and 13
Tues. 6.10: Go over the play itself (Teacher sick) Hand out Act 1 questions (due Friday)
Wed. 7.10: Quiz 6, Level D, Grammar Rules p. 37-40 (did ex. 26 and 27 together), have read up to Act 1 by Friday (hand in Act 1 questions)
Mon. 19.10: go over Act 1, start Act 2 and go up to Act 2, sc. 2. Watch video (until min. 6.15) Questions due by Monday 26.10
Tues 20.10 Read more of Act 2 up to sc. V (and we watched a video that students did on Cleopatra in her boat)
Wed. 21.10 Quiz 7 and grammar from p. 40-48
Mon. 26.10: Act 2 questions are due on classroom. Look at AS level book on drama, page 93. Do Act 3, sc. 1 and 2 together
Tues 27.10 Do Act 3
Wed. 28.10 Quiz 8, grammar p. 48-56 (did ex 39)
Mon. 2.11 Work on assignments with computers
Tues 3.11 Discuss character analysis: do an analysis of Antony (see google classroom)
Wed. 4.11 Quiz 9, Act 3 questions are due, do grammar p. 56-58
Mon. 9.11 Work on Act 4 questions
Tues 10.11 Go over character, explain A level stop p 109
Wed. 12.11 Quiz 10, exam review
Exam week: Nov 16-24
Map 2

Antony and Cleopatra Study Guide