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English: ENA2


ENA2B 2014

Welcome to your second English course at TES. In this course we will read A Man for All Seasons. We will also advance in grammar and vocabulary and begin writing exercises. You are expected to do the reading and exercises on time and be prepared for each class.

We will use Vocabulary Level D, Units 6-10

Grammar p. 131- 170


ENA2B 2014

1.10 Wed single: introducing course and A Man For All Seasons + King Henry briefly.

2.10 Thurs double: Introducing Descriptive writing and doing some descriptive writing assignments.

3.10 Friday double: writing a descriptive paragraph.

8.10 Wed single: Quiz 6
9.10 Thurs double
10.10 Fri double
22.10 Wed single: Quiz 7
23.10 Thurs double
24.10 Fri double
29.10 Wed single: Quiz 8
30.10 Thurs double
31.10 Fri double
5.11 Wed single: Quiz 9
6.11 Thurs double
7.11 Fri double
12.11 Wed single: Quiz 10
13.11 Thurs double
14.11 Fri double
18.11 Exam week begins


Writing paragraphs