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ENAA2: Drama

Vanhat palvelut suljetaan 5.6.2017
Peda.netin vanhat palvelut (OPSpro, Verkkolehti, Veräjä ja Oppimappi) suljetaan 5.6.2017. Mikäli haluatte säilyttää vanhoissa palveluissa olevat sisällöt itsellänne, tulee ne siirtää uuteen viimeistään toukokuussa 2017. Nykyinenäristö tarjoaa kaikille vanhojen käyttäjille monipuolisemmat työkalut sekä yli 200 kunnan yhteistyöverkoston. Voit tutustua uuteen ympäristöön osoitteessa:

Kaikki kysymykset sisällön siirtämisestä ja uudestaäristöstä voitte lähettää osoitteeseen:

Tervetuloa uuden ja monipuolisen käyttäjäksi!
Notice updated: 24.03.2017 14:36


reading assignments (google classroom) 30%
vocabulary quizzes 20%
Participation: 15%
Final exam 35%
(grammar p. 41-108)

Study guide


ENA02A schedule

3.10 Mon. Intro. Work in groups
5.10 Wed. All together: read the play until Act 1, sc. ii
6.10 Thurs: Separate groups: in groups explain the topics. Read a bit more into sc. ii, l. 38
Homework: read until end of Act 2

10.10 Mon. Finish Act 1, watch until min. 27:44
12.10 Wed. Vocab Quiz Level D Unit 6, Grammar (p. 41-63) Look briefly at matriculation exams
13.10 Thurs: analyse character (go over chapter from Writing About Literature): handout with quotes is due THURSDAY the 27th.
Watch the play until 31.47 (start Act 2, sc.i)


24.10 Mon.: Watch until minute 46 After Northumberland and Lady Percy. Finish Act 2, sc. 3 (Finish Act 2, sc.4 at home)
Give handout on Historical Context and themes.
26.10 Wed.Vocab Quiz Level D Unit 7, Grammar stop p. 85
27.10 Thurs: Start Act 3 ANALYSE CHARACTER HANDOUT IS DUE, Halloween party - manage to read Act 3, sc i.but not whole thing. Act with Noah and Jesper.

31.10 Mon.ACT 3 handout together in class
2.11 Wed.THE HANDOUT IS DUE ON ACT 1 and 2
Vocab Quiz Level D Unit 8, Grammar p. 85, explain diagramming sentences and infinitives as subjects and objects which we did last time, but continue)
3.11 Thurs Watch Act 3, Read Act IV up sc. i, line 53

7.11 Mon. Work on Act IV handout
9.11 Wed.Vocab Quiz Level D Unit 9, Grammar p. 97-109, analyze monologue of K.Henry IV in pairs (Act 4, s. 3)
10.11 Thurs: Analyze the rest of the monologue with the literary devices.
Do more of Act 4 and watch part of it and go into Act V

14.11 Mon: watch until 2:46 when King H V rejects Falstaff
16.11 Wed.Vocab Quiz Level D Unit 10, Grammar part of exam p. 41-109, watch Act 4 up to minute 1:59.
17.11 Thurs: Continue watching Act 4?

21.11.Final Exam

ENA02B schedule

3.10 Mon. Intro to A levels. Work in groups on themes
4.10 Tues. Worked in groups and did google document which is due on Friday. Went over old English, Middle English. Read the first page and watched 2 minutes of the film. Went over words for the quiz
5.10 Wed: Vocab Quiz Level D Unit 6, Grammar (p. 41-56), show no fear shakespeare and read the prologue together

10.10 Mon. Read Act 1, sc.1 and sc, 2 up to line 25. Watch up to minute 16.14
11.10 Tues.Read Act 2, sc. 1 and watch from minute 16 to 37
12.10 Wed.Vocab Quiz Level D Unit 7, Grammar stopped page 64


24.10 Mon. Watch and read until end of Act 3, sc. 1 (1:15 on film)

25.10 Tues See important themes in the play (handout) and do handout on Act 1 and Act 2. Put on classroom. Go over 7 capital sins and virtues
26.10 Wed.Vocab Quiz Level D Unit 8, Grammar p. 65 -85.

31.10 Mon. Have read Act 3 and 4. Hand in the handout (or in classroom) Unit 17 in As level book. Work in groups on analysing quotes
1.11 Tues. Continue analyzing quotes and do Act 3 handout
2.11 Wed.Vocab Quiz Level D Unit 9, Grammar p. 85

7.11 Mon. Work on Act 4 handout
8.11 Tues Analyze together Act IV, sc.3 King Henry IV sol. (Thy wish was father, Harry...), handout lit devices page
Watch Act IV, sc.1
9.11 Wed.Vocab Quiz Level D Unit 10, Grammar p 97-109 , watch more and discuss more, finish Act IV, Watch Act IV, sc.i

14.11 Mon: go over Act V. Watch Act V sc i up until 2:38 List some themes: Lies (Falstaff, Prince Hal to Falstaff, John Lancaster to rebels), Maturity
15.11 Tues: discuss general themes (watch to the end)
16.11 Wed. Grammar part of exam Make up the exam?