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Wellcome to the Academy of small business of Karelia!

The main goal of the project is to create favourable conditions for the innovative development of the educational institutions of the Republic of Karelia and Finland, also to contribute to the forming of the entrepreneurship culture in the schools and other stakeholders involved in the educational process.

The concrete final “meta-product” of the project, proposed by the Ministry of Education of Karelia, is Small Enterprise Academy (SEA). The project’s final products will form resource basis of entrepreneurship education for SEA. This objective fits to the spirit of the ToR, which suggests that one of the project results is “the model of new educational institution based upon the enterprise approach in education created, tested and made available for all stakeholders.

In order to achieve the project objectives the project is divided into the 5 components. The components are not separate from each other but they are closely linked to each other and achievements in one components support the progress in other ones:

1) Capacity building and developing the professional skills of teachers: Entrepreneurship training programme for teachers of the pilot schools. The core of the capacity building is development and delivery of Training of Trainers (ToT) programme on Entrepreneurship education for teachers. Group of teachers from the pilot schools will be trained to be able to provide entrepreneurship training to other teachers.

2) Elaboration of varied models for development of entrepreneurship by the pilot schools.
The aim of this component is to establish the entrepreneurship approach in education and development of favourable conditions for entrepreneurship education. The varied models are to be developed in close collaboration between Finnish and Russian experts.

3) Testing and piloting the training programme. The training developed in the project will be tested and piloted by the teachers who have participated into the project. The piloting training will be supervised by the Finnish and Russian experts. .

4) School networking. There will be established network between Russian schools participating into the project and Finnish schools selected to their counterparts. For the Russian pilot schools will be nominated Finnish partner schools. The detailed content of the activities taking place in school network will be facilitated by the project experts, but decided participating schools by themselves

5) Publications, dissemination
Dissemination of the project results will be implemented throughout the project execution period. The project outcomes will be continuously published in the project website. All the project outcomes will be gathered together and it will form the resource basis for the “Academy of small business”.


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